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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Greatest Success (So far...)

'Nurture' 20x20, Acrylics on Canvas
"I give you the gift of my experience, that you may be better for it."

By far, my greatest success to date has little to do with my career/passion/calling... and yet, everything to do with it.  Funny, how 'life' happens while you're not looking, because today's interactions on Facebook, while seemingly random individually, collectively brought me to realize as much.  Now I'm here, on what I feel is a platform of expression long overdue for me.  And what began as a minimalist (surely meaning 'safe') way to explore/express my own life experience - my 'EGGHEAD SERIES' - becomes something truer to what I now believe has been its intended purpose all long: "I give you the gift of my experience, that you may be better for it."  Because my greatest success to date has been the resolute transformation of dark to light; within my own mind.  A tedious and bloodied confrontation against old impressions, terrible habits and perspectives which, with the courage to surround myself with people who challenge me, I have dispelled, dismissed and overcome.  And I aim to pay it forward, motivated by the fact that struggle, confusion; the mess... are not my own.  They belong to all of us.  So it took me a while to figure out how to handle my share... I've got it now ;)  And if I can help cut down the time for anyone in this world by sharing what I've learned, well, let's go...

Volumes on what/how/why won't follow.  Though I am an open book, I choose to keep it simple here.  What follows, in sum, are discoveries... As Egghead progressed, so did I, and with each of 'his' steps, I continue to do so... I share with you what I realized about life; what he's helped me realize about myself.  These are simply my impressions, my visions and ultimately my choices.  And I give them over freely...